Bully Break stick / Parting Stick for Hunting or Human Dog Safety

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Bully Breaking Stick Parting Stick 

This is one tool every dog owner of any dog size should own, in case something happens at the dog park, on a walk down the street or any reason, you are prepared. 

Being an owner of APBT for over 15 years, this is one piece of equipment that every bully breed owner and truly any dog owner should have. This parting stick is made to do one thing, open a dogs mouth when there is a situation where the dog wont let go. We have all seen videos of the unprepared owner trying to break dogs up from fighting, unfortunate situations when people are attacked ,a fun day at the dog park turns south with two happy go lucky dogs or whatever it might be. IN OTHER WORDS BE PREPARED! THIS COULD BE A LIFE SAVER! These sticks will give you the ability to open any dog's mouth that is unwilling to let go. There is no such thing as locking jaws, but rather the will of the dog not wanting to let go, the parting stick is the equalizer. Spraying water doesn't work, trying to hurt the dog doesn't, work, screaming and crying won't work but this tool will! BE PROACTIVE AND A RESPONSIBLE DOG OWNER. Here is a small list of PSI ( pounds per square inch) of dog taken from the article at DOG STRENGTH BITE LIST  to even give you an idea of dog breeds, btw APBT isn't there either.

Unprepared, unorganized and sometimes un-knowledgeable owners don't have the understanding to the professional side of dogs. Hunters this break stick is high quality and ready for your hog hunting dogs! Durable stick that can withstand daily use for years to come!  You will love this product for sure, high quality custom plastic with a ready made grip handle. PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR DOG! 

Colors vary with order being red or black. 


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