D.I.Y Flirt Pole / Flirt Stick by Dogboy - 1/4 inch shock cord

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Flirt Pole - Flirt Stick Kit 


  • 1/4 inch heavy duty shock cord (yes bungee cord type material except super strong) 10 Ft Long 
  • Enough Shock Cord for flirt pole or flirt stick!
  • 1 inch solid O ring connection
  • ½ Hog Ring reinforced metal clamps
  • 5/16 x 1-1/2 Polished Washers (2) These are to protect the PVC or piping and the rope


We have taken our flirt poles to the next level! This one will last for a very, very, long time. Our flirt poles won’t break the first time your dog catches it because  you are not moving fast enough! If you are new to flirt poles, a common problem is quality. If you are a seasoned veteran you know exactly what I mean. I have set this one up for an easy build by any one! Even if you have never built anything in your life before. 

You need one thing. A piece of PVC pipe or whatever you choose, I prefer PVC because of the flex,  if the dog does catch and I actually encourage it! As it gives an additional body workout! It takes about 30 seconds to build it seriously, it is a joke. You want a fancy looking pipe, dress it up in your own style using tape, vinyl wrap, cloth or whatever. Make it yours! Size of PVC pipe from 4 to 8 foot long is recommended. Cost of PVC pipe is about $3 bucks anywhere in the USA. 

Most flirt poles are built with 4 to 5 ft of PVC pipe with the shock cord kit having about 4 to 5 foot of rope coming off the end. 

Most flirt sticks are built with 7 to 9 ft of PVC pipe with the shock cord very close to the end, no additional cord exiting the pole. 

Dogboy’s Info kit is already built and ready to work, you just have to slide the rope into the piping of your choice and you are done! Seriously that easy. I will show you step by step in the videos below. I built this thing to be tough and very capable of handling a serious and I mean serious dog fun! Puppies to full on working dogs love this piece of equipment.

Why use a flirt pole or flirt stick with a dog?

Physical exercise, you can duplicate a 1 mile run, in less than 3 minutes! This will capitalize on the prey drive in your dog. What dog doesn’t love to chase something?

Mental and Emotional Stimulation – Even though it is a game to you, this is serious business to your dog. Most breeds had a specific function in life before becoming pets as we know them today. You are tapping into the ancestry side of your dog, giving them a purpose in their mind! You are getting your dog healthy plus they are having fun!

Great for owners with short amounts of time for workouts. My personal mornings are crazy, I use this almost every morning before I head out to work! Gives me a chance to help my dog burn that energy off before I leave! Gives them a little fun and interaction besides letting them out to bathroom and dropping a bowl of food and water! Give them the life and exercise they deserve!

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