Rosemary Coconut Vitamin E Goat Milk Soap for Dogs

Rosemary Coconut Vitamin E Goat Milk Soap for Dogs

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Rosemary Coconut Vitamin E Goat Milk Soap 

Truly nature’s most simple ingredients, no fancy colors, dyes or advertising. No frills or thrills, just good old natural goodness. Specifically designed with the canine in mind! 

The key benefits to this soap

  • All Natural – No processed additives, this soap will add moisture to hair and skin of any breed of dog.
  • Great for short or long hair dogs.
  • Your dog’s coat will have a shine and reflection in the light and sun
  • Great for dogs with sensitive skin and dry skin / hair
  • Your dog will feel softer than ever!
  • Great for conformation dogs, give your dog the advantage!
  • Goat Milk Base, Unrefined Coconut Oil, and Vitamin E
  • Sweet Rosemary Goat Milk Smell
  • Great for dogs with sensitive skin and dry skin
  • Dogs with allergies do well on this soap as well, there is no additives
  • Antioxidant, Moisturizer and Low Fragrance from Rosemary but noticeable at the same time
  • Custom formulation process with precise heating and curing that separates our soap from the competition

This is the type of soap you will see at fancy dog stores selling for 3 times the price of this. I can assure you our process and quality of ingredients surpasses the competition easily. You will realize the difference on the first wash, also you will feel it yourself. I can assure your own personal hands will feel different from giving your dog a bath. 


Approximately 3.5 ounce bar

3.25L X 7/8W X 2.25H This is a good size bar and the average dog will get 4 to 7 washes easily depending on length of hair. 

If you have a dog that is having sensitive issues with skin and healing make sure to check out our items like the Crystal Clean Sulfur based soap and our all Natural Coconut Oil Balm ( that stuff is amazing! ) 

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