Resistance Parachute ( Conditioning ) for Dogs

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Resistance Parachute

Same type of idea is used by professional athletes from all major sport across the world. Adapted and created specifically for resistance training for your sporting fit dog. The fit dogs are becoming serious competition throughout the world. The speed parachute will help add muscle and increased cardiovascular benefits to your dog. Put the muscle on your conformation show dog or performance canine. The parachute is a great split type workout; doesn't lean the dog out completely nor give them bulky muscle. Very balance build of both ends of training, long walks will lean the dogs out more and increase cardio. Short fast sprints will build bulky muscle without as much of the weight less of heavy cardio. The benefits and uses are superior with the most cost effective option in conditioning dogs.

No matter if you are training for lure coursing, bite work, dog racing, weight pull, conformation shows, hunting dogs, tracking dogs, dock jumping dogs or whatever sport you may compete in. This chute will give you an edge not seen from machine equipment. 

How to use the item 
Simple gravity makes the parachute work! The harder the dogs run the more resistance in the parachute creating a harder or easier workout by the dog. The dog actually controls the amount of resistance. Clip into a walking / running harness and you are on your way.

1.Resistance training, increase explosive power, speed, and core strength.

2. Unmatched cardio training giving an edge to racing dogs, hunting dogs, sled dogs and all around cross fit dogs.

3. Easy to carry where you can train anywhere and anytime. 

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